Make magento grid row unclickable

some time we need to make row unclickable for specific reason.I had situation in which i have select box and checkbox in grid. so when i click on selectbox it fired row click event and disable my dropdown.Its irritating for any i have find out solution for this.

edit your grid file __construct function like this.

public function __construct()
        $this->setUseAjax(true); // Using ajax grid is important
        $this->setDefaultFilter(array('customer_ids'=>1)); // By default we have added a filter for the rows, that in_products value to be 1
        $this->setSaveParametersInSession(false);  //Dont save paramters in session or else it creates problems
        // added click on selectbox support
        serializerController.prototype.rowClick = serializerController.prototype.rowClick.wrap(function(o, grid, event) {
            var tagName = Event.element(event).tagName
                isSelect = (tagName == 'SELECT' || tagName == 'OPTION');
            if (!isSelect) {
                o(grid, event);